Scouting Jasmine (Jaz Parks, #0.5) Jennifer Rardin



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Scouting Jasmine (Jaz Parks, #0.5)  by  Jennifer Rardin

Scouting Jasmine (Jaz Parks, #0.5) by Jennifer Rardin
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 32 pages | ISBN: | 9.67 Mb

Vayl has decided that he wants Jasmine Parks as his new CIA partner. He takes the opportunity to spy on her as she takes on a vampire nest alone. He is shocked by her reckless methods, intrigued by her inventive plans and finds her physically attractive. He also finds that being in the vicinity while she hunts vampires is dangerous to his own health.This was a good short story. We see Vayl in stalker mode, admiring Jasmine and plotting how to make the CIA give her to him as a new partner.

The more he watches, the more he becomes nervous that she is going to get herself killed with her crazy stunts and barmy plans. He keeps getting close enough to intervene while masking his appearance but Jaz can sense him and nearly kills him. It feels a bit like a slapstick film at times with Vayl hovering like an expectant father and trying not to get killed.We also see how much trauma Jaz is still carrying from Matts recent death, operating almost with a death wish. It gives an insight as to how Vayls influence has helped her get back on track to be less suicidal by the time we meet them both in the first novel of the series.

I liked this because it does add something to the series and it was fun to see things from Vayls POV.

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